Absolutely mindblowing video shot from the Space Shuttle during launch

Aubrey de Grey, ‘The Science of Ending Aging’ | Talks at Google

Haywyre - Friction

Roger Federer Through Glass

Rain seems to be on the way…

Rain seems to be on the way…


You want to see something punny ??

Brilliant puns!

Great angle on getting peoples attention when it comes to tough topics.


Hope you enjoy this video Josh and I wrote and directed for Save the Children.


The Most Important “Sexy” Model Video Ever. Our evocative commercial for Save the Children. Written and directed by us, produced by Big Block Live.

An incredible experience making this video for such important cause.

Base Jumping from Burj Khalifa

Cameras, cooling units, satellites. They can all be accessed via the Internet. Find out how in this video. The results are scary!


Check out this incredible brace by Ronaldo! Amazing.

Edward Snowden TED 2014 - Great talk with Snowden appearing on a strange Amstrad type device.

High Fashion

Quantum Computing with Google and NASA

Watch James Hayter with the fastest hat-trick of all time!

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #6: Jimmy Kimmel Live